Extended Support Plans and Policies

New purchases include all coverages of the Annual Support Plan during the first ninety days after original installation (30 days for products acquired under some promotions). Thereafter, two options are available for continued support.

  1. Hourly Support:

    • $150/hr, billed in 1/4 hour increments rounded up, minimum 1/4 hour per call and 1 hour per incident.
    • Replacing lost or missing Activation Keys is charged as an incident.
    • New releases and upgrades are charged at normal rates.
    • Transfer to a new serial number is not permitted. A new copy of the software must be purchased.
    • Support charges must be paid in advance. Payment by credit card is available to expedite service.
  2. Annual Support Plan:

    • Reasonably unlimited telephone support and problem determination assistance.
    • PTFs (bug fixes), as available. We cannot guarantee to fix all bugs or to prepare product updates.
    • New releases (product upgrades). 1
    • CISC-to-RISC upgrades (AS/400 products only). 1 2
    • Replacement of lost or missing Activation Keys.
    • Transfer to new serial number, when applicable. Prior system must be completely removed from the Company. 2
    • Discounts for multi-machine purchases such as test, development, mirror, disaster recovery, and production (quantity dependent).

    We reserve the right to exclude from this plan, if appropriate in our judgment:

    • Significant additional support made necessary due to user personnel or hardware changes.
    • "Training" over the phone. Our products are intended for use by experienced programmers and reasonable efforts should be made to "read the manual" before calling for support.

    Pricing for annual support varies by product and, for AS/400 products, often depends on the OS/400 Processor Group.


    1. If annual support has not been continuously in effect for at least one year or since original purchase, a "catch up" fee at 25% of the product New Purchase price will apply to the first upgrade.
    2. The processor group price difference, if any, remains applicable.


Once implemented, our products do not require substantial on-going support; and we do not have support staff available at all times to take support calls. Support cannot always be provided on a first call basis; and in the event of special projects, travel, vacations, or sickness, response could be delayed for several days.

Implementation of electronic forms applications on the iSeries and AS/400 platforms involves complex integration of hardware and software provided by the user, Keowee Systems, and at least three other providers (IBM, the printer manufacturer, and the emulator manufacturer). Many situations can arise from hardware and software not provided by Keowee Systems and are beyond our reasonable control. Thus, we cannot guarantee success at resolving all issues.

In particular, we have difficulty supporting Client Access/400 due to numerous versions, numerous PTFs, complex setups, and constant operational changes being made by IBM. Support for mapping drives, printer emulation setup, etc. should be obtained from IBM.