Downloading and Installing Evaluations and Upgrades
Keowee Product Suite v4

Please use the following procedures for installing all software obtained from this site. If you are upgrading, you must backup your existing installation and follow all upgrade instructions in the README file and Installation Guide provided in the download file! Otherwise, you may lose any user-created objects. You can also use this comprehensive procedure for upgrading any combination of our AS/400 products to our latest 4.xx versions.

Each of the products shown below is contained in an integrated package known as the Keowee Product Suite (KPS). Only one download and one installation are required; just select the combination of products you wish to install and evaluate.

FORMagic/400 Forms Overlay Manager
FORMagic/400 PDF File Creator and Forms Manager
FontMagic/400 Font Manager
FORMagic/Windows Forms Overlay Manager
FORMagic/Windows Host Developer Kit
FlashMagic/Windows Non-volatile Memory Manager

Evaluation Period:

All evaluation versions are fully-functional, but usage is limited to a 30-60 day evaluation period. The number of objects which may be created or used during the evaluation period, such as forms in FORMagic/400 and fonts in FontMagic/400, is also limited.

Critical Installation Pre-requisites for products with an AS/400 component:

All of our AS/400 software products assume that you have one of the following capabilities for transferring files, know how to use it, and have sufficient authority to create and use a library and folders. More details are provided in the Installation Guide.

  1. AS/400 FTP server active: This option should be used whenever possible. We have fully automated the installation process with an FTP client integrated into the KPS. You can also use your own FTP client, but some manual effort will be required.
  2. AS/400 NetServer server active: A file share and drive mapping must be available to access folders in the QDLS filesystem.
  3. Client Access, or similar product: A drive mapping must be available to access folders in the QDLS filesystem.
  4. Proprietary utility: You must be able to transfer both AS/400 savefiles and text files. This option is the least desirable as it requires the most manual effort.

When using a mapped drive or folder: You must meet the requirements shown below; otherwise installation issues may occur:

If you meet all of these pre-requisites, few if any installation problems will occur; and, we will be happy to provide support for any that do.

If you do not know how to perform these steps, we will be happy to provide general assistance. However, due to the constantly changing nature of Client Access, the many versions and releases available, numerous PTF's, frequent changes in security mechanisms, and the complexity of setups and operation, we have limited ability to provide detailed support for this product. As with all IBM products, IBM SupportLine is the proper channel for obtaining detailed support when needed.