FORMagic Developer Products
and Integration Methods

The FORMagic Forms Overlay Manager allows developers to use a number of methods for integrating electronic forms technology into their products. All are dependent on several basic steps:

Our FORMagic PDF File Creator and Forms Manager and FontMagic Font Manager products work similarly. FORMagic PDF allows you to create PDF files, with our without FORMagic forms, for archival and email purposes. The same forms designed for use with FORMagic can be used; no new forms design is required. FontMagic allows you to integrate MICR check, OCR, postal, and barcode fonts into both print and PDF applications, again with or without FORMagic forms.

Developer Integration Methods:

The possibilities are numerous. We offer components which can be combined in many ways to accomplish the basic steps described above. Two of the more commonly used methods are:

We will be happy to discuss your needs and how FORMagic can be used to embed electronic forms technology into your application quickly and cost-effectively. Just call for an in-depth, no-obligation discussion.


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