FontMagic/400 Font Manager

Scalable TrueType Fonts and
Barcodes for the AS/400!

We have the AS/400's best pricing, by far, for electronic forms and font tools.
Few companies need the products costing $10,000 - 20,000!

Now, you can incorporate special-purpose, scalable TrueType fonts into any AS/400 application using HP or compatible laser printers. Our library of fonts includes MICR, OCR, PostNet, Planet, and all the popular 1d barcodes. We can also convert any TrueType font (and sometimes others) that you supply so it can be used with your applications!


FontMagic/400 provides a powerful toolkit for developing applications requiring special fonts. Its many features include:

Fonts Available:

All barcode, MICR, Postnet, Planet, and OCR fonts are available and included within the evaluation system. You can select which fonts you want to install into the AS/400 for use with your applications. The following fonts are supported in the current API:


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