The FORMagic Family of Electronic Forms Products

FORMagic/400 Forms Overlay Manager
FORMagic/400 PDF File Creator and Forms Manager
FORMagic/Windows Forms Overlay Manager
FORMagic/Host Developer Kit
FlashMagic Non-Volatile Memory Manager

Quick, Easy, and Cost-effective Electronic Forms Overlays
and Related Tools for the AS/400 and Other Platforms!

We have the AS/400's best pricing, by far, for electronic forms and font toolkits.
Few companies need the products costing $10,000 - 20,000!

FORMagic Generates Quick Benefits:

FORMagic Provides Important Features for Every OS:

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FORMagic/400 Forms Overlay Manager:

FORMagic/400 PDF File Creator and Forms Manager:

FORMagic/Windows Forms Overlay Manager:

FORMagic/Host Developer Kit:

FlashMagic Non-Volatile Memory Manager:

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We can provide FORMagic functionality for almost any application on almost any platform! But, applications vary widely. There are frequently multiple options for replacing pre-printed forms in any application. The best option may not be obvious; sometimes, it can only be chosen on a case-by-case basis from a good understanding of the complete application.

If you don't see exactly what you need, please call! We most likely do have what you need; and we will be happy to discuss your application at length, with no obligation, to insure you get the most cost-effective solution possible.


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