FORMagic/400 and FontMagic/400 Compatible Printers

HP printers are developed and sold for the Windows, not AS/400, market. More and more often, HP printers are being sold where the functionality is dependent on the Windows printer driver. More and more often, HP is not providing adequate documentation to allow pre-determination as to whether a printer is compatible with the AS/400 and/or our software.

Whenever possible, purchase printers on a trial evaluation basis.

Extreme caution is advised.

FORMagic/400 and FontMagic/400 allow you to use any HP-compatible laser printer that provides full PCL 5e support in firmware. Many inexpensive laser printers implement much of their functionality in the Windows printer driver which, of course, is not used by the AS/400. These printers may fail with some or even all FORMagic/400 and FontMagic/400 applications! They may, however, work with non-AS/400 applications. These non-fully-qualifying printers include the HP 4L, 5L, 1000, 1100, P2015, those denoted as "host-based, and others. Note: The P2015 may work if you purchase a special font DIMM from HP.

Most inkjet and multi-function printers will not work because they implement only PCL 3, not the higher level functionality of PCL 5e needed for electronic forms applications.

Many "office copier" printers, such as those made by Canon, Ricoh, Kyocera, etc. are not fully compatible with HP-PCL 5 functionality. In most cases, the manufacturer has resolved the issues users have found. However, caution and testing are advised when using such printers.

The following printers are compatible with our products:

Based on reports from users, the following printers are not, or sometimes not, compatible with our products: