Client Access/400

Note: Version 4 of our AS/400 products includes an integrated FTP client which, in almost all cases, provides fully automated installation, upgrade, and form and font uploads. If you have OS/400 FTP configured and started, these automated facilities should be used instead of Client Access.

If you will be using Client Access:

Our AS/400 software products assume that you have Client Access/400 or an equivalent function that will allow you to map a network drive to your AS/400. All versions of Client Access/400 provide this capability. NetServer, included with OS/400, also provides the function without any requirement for using Client Access/400.

Optionally, Client Access/400 and similar products can also be used to provide printer emulation facilities for use with FORMagic/400 and FontMagic/400 applications. This is not a requirement for using our products, but simply one of the many means for configuring printers which are compatible with them. We generally recommend not using Client Access/400 for printer emulation; but it does work if you have sufficient expertise to deal with the complexity of setup, operation, and maintenance and can accept the printing performance penalty it generates.

When using a mapped drive, you must meet all of the requirements shown below; otherwise operational issues will most likely occur. You must:

If you meet all of these pre-requisites, few if any operational issues will occur; and, we will be happy to provide support, to the extent we can, for any that do.

If you do not know how to perform these steps, we will be happy to provide general assistance. However, due to the constantly changing nature of Client Access, the many versions and releases available, numerous PTF's, frequent changes in security mechanisms, and the complexity of setups and operation, we have limited ability to provide detailed support for this IBM product. As with all IBM products, IBM Support Line is the proper channel for obtaining comprehensive support when needed.

Resolving Common Problems:

If you cannot complete an upload, verify that you can see the AS/400 and the upload folder in Explorer. Using Explorer, try dragging and dropping any file into it. You must be able to see the file in the upload folder from both Explorer and WRKFLR. If you get an error or cannot see the file in both locations, you definitely have a mapping or authority issue that must be resolved.

If you have problems uploading an existing form or font, check the upload folder to see if the files being uploaded are already present. If so, they may be owned by a previously used profile which disallows their replacement. Use WRKFLR to delete them manually, then re-try the upload.

When using Client Access/400 printer emulation, you must always use Host Print Transform. Be sure to specify a manufacturer type and model which exactly match (or are fully equivalent to) the printer actually being used. Host Print Transform must be selected from Client Access on the PC; otherwise, the AS/400 itself will most likely disable it during the next startup.